Interactive RealTime

Realtime is a technological innovation developed specifically for the court reporting industry.  Using Computer Aided Transcription (CAT) software, Realtime court reporters can send an instant, English-translated, stream of the stenographic notes from their laptop to yours. 

Watson Court Reporters Realtime services offer a myriad of benefits to our users: 

  • Discreetly mark and annotate areas for review or follow up
  • Take notes throughout proceeding for use in summary preparation
  • Search earlier testimony and generate reports
  • Organize more effectively for future depositions
  • Save a rough draft of proceedings to your hard drive at conclusion

Upon scheduling a Realtime event, Watson will assign a specially trained member of our team to create an accurate record right before your eyes. 

Realtime is available to multiple users at once, providing they have a laptop and a compatible text capture program. Many reporters can also supply this equipment with advance notice. 

If a party is unable to attend, or a participant would like to access the stream remotely, the feed can be securely viewed on any computer with an Internet connection.  The following Realtime capture programs are free to download and are compatible with the CAT platforms used by our reporters.

Stenograph CaseViewNet® 

Advantage Software Bridge

It’s easy to get started. Simply contact Watson Court Reporters and learn more about utilizing Realtime service for your next deposition.



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