Exhibit & Document Management

Document Handling

Every sheet of paper that enters our workflow is put through one of our high resolution scanners and processed by a dedicated document server.  Advanced text recognition technology “reads” and indexes the documents so output files are fully text searchable, both individually and collectively, as they relate to specific transcripts or even entire cases.

Exhibit Linking

Whatever your case management needs, we provide properly formatted exhibit load files for today’s most common litigation management platforms; including LiveNote, Summation and Sanction. For all depositions with exhibits attached, we also prepare PDF transcripts with embedded hyperlinks.  When accessing the electronic version of a transcript, users can click the hyperlinked reference to any exhibit and view the file in a separate window.  We provide all our clients with this productivity enhancing format, at no additional charge.

Comprehensive Copy & Document Solutions

A well-planned exhibit management strategy is crucial to your success. We can help to reduce the administrative burden of executing your document production, for even the most complex litigation. From the start, we’ll help you maximize efficiency and reduce costs with a carefully designed program suited specifically to your needs.

  • Scanning to PDF, TIFF, JPEG and other source formats
  • Bookmarking, organizing and file labeling
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text searchable digital files
  • Load files for case management software
  • Sequential Bates Stamping to assure continuity and authenticity
  • Copying, printing, assembly, binding and finishing

We’ll also review all of the options with you and recommend tailored to fit service for your next litigation.



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