Watson Connect

Watson Connect is a secure, online office environment that is available 24/7, from virtually any computer. We provide instant access to all of your case-related materials, helping you save time, reduce costs and boost productivity.

  • Smart Order Form for Depositions - Schedule depositions without retyping details, instant confirmations
  • Calendar - Review or search your calendar in an easy-to-read format. Download to MS Outlook
  • Repository - Full case level repository with downloadable transcripts and exhibits
  • Billing Information - Track payments, balances and review detailed invoices

To get started, call us at (800) 373-0888 or log on to your existing account using the input fields at the top of your screen.



For filing, scheduling, billing and other deadlines.

Include weekends and Federal holidays.
Court holiday closures vary by state. This date calculator only accounts for federal court holidays.