Software Downloads

Watson CSR offers electronic transcripts in a variety of file formats. Please note that some of these transcripts may require specialized software for viewing on your computer.  If you are new to our service or would like to verify that you have the most current software, please use the links below to access complimentary, up-to-date transcript viewing downloads.

Adobe Acrobat Viewer 

Click here to download Acrobat Reader free from Adobe now.PDF is rapidly becoming the format of choice for courts and law firms due to its security, universal format and archival stability.  Our PDF transcripts come complete with condensed versions, clickable word indexes, master word list and hyperlinked OCR exhibits. 

E-Transcript Viewer

Click here to download the free E-Transcript Viewer software now.RealLegal E-Transcript files are compatible with many popular litigation software products.  Reduce the time spent reviewing, digesting and summarizing transcripts, with this powerful tool.

After you have downloaded these viewers once, you can open any RealLegal E-Transcript or Adobe PDF transcript file that you receive.  If you have questions about how to take full advantage of the tools provided with our electronic transcripts, please contact a Watson Court Reporters representative.



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